Directions to Windy Ridge

Directions for coming from the East:

Take 7 or 50 West to Winchester. (Very pretty, that drive to Winchester.)

At Winchester, get on 81 N and follow the signs to 50 W. (You want to bypass Winchester to the north rather than taking 50 through it, which is very slow.)

Take 50 W to 220 N (to Keyser). This leg, Winchester to 220 N, is about 40 miles. Do not be fooled by the intersection of 50 and 220 S: it is a trap set for ninnies and suckers.

Stay on 50 W and go 0.6 to 0.7 miles past 220 N.

Take a left on Cameron Orchard Rd. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN--it comes up fast on a windy road!

Bear left at the forks on Cameron Orchard Road and go up the mountain, about one mile. It gets steeper and a little hairy.

You'll know when you've arrived. "Trust me." :-)

        -Hillbilly Mo

PS- Try to do this drive in daylight, not after dark. It should take about 1 and 1/4 hours from Winchester. Quite scenic.