Mo's New HillbillyCam

Pictures taken on Wednesday, July 28, 2004. 

So today I took delivery of my new Canon S60 5 megapixel camera.

Come 8 o'clock PM I decided to go out and shoot a few.   It's a pretty average, hazy summer evening, closing on sunset.

The sunlight falls on down the orchard, through the hollow and into the valley, where it reflects back off the distant street signs on Highway 50 below.  

See all the dead bits on the ends of the tree branches?   That's the work of the cicadas this Spring.   The damage is everywhere around these parts this summer--some places are much worse than this.

The view from the high point on our property.   The Mups, Queen of the Mountain, supervises.   Note the realistic motion blur on her tail, as if it's wagging.

The moon rises over the ol' homestead.   One look in that garage tells you we ain't a-finished movin' in yet.

Is that tomato cages or concertina wire on the back of that there ATV?   Only ol' Mo knows for sure, and even he ain't so sure anymore.

The tower rises up from the weeds.

The last rays of the sun, setting behind Allegheny Mountain to the west.

Looks like Mo's gotta RTFM and figure out how to diddle the exposure on this newfangled thang.

        -Hillbilly Mo with His New & Improved HillbillyCam