Hard Winter

Pictures taken between January 31 and February 7, 2004. 

It's been very cold for these parts--between 0 and 20 degrees F--until yesterday when it finally hit 32, just in time to give us a nice ice storm.   Now we're iced in real good on this here mountaintop.  

January 31st: zero degrees F at dawn and Jack Frost on the inside of the windows.   I love sunrise here partly because of the way it lights the family room and library in vivid orange.

February 1st: The wildlife rules here; we humans are the interlopers.   Almost all the tracks you see in the first picture are from birds, deer, squirrels, foxes, etc. 

This house has a nice breakfast nook. :-)


February 5th: Nice sunrise this morning.   Major Ice storm by the evening.   Oh, and today we had a frozen pipe burst in the storage room.   Jolly good fun, that.

February 6th: We got about 1 1/2 to 2 cm of ice overnight and through the day.   All around us you can hear limbs snapping like gunshots and trees crashing down under the weight of the ice--when we have power and the sound of the generator doesn't obliterate it.   Very pretty; very treacherous.   Overnight the ice came off of everything but the ground--I guess because it got above freezing very briefly.   We have inches of ice on the driveway.   Good thing the propane truck got up here before the ice storm started!   Don't know when we'll be able to get down off the mountain again.

February 7th: The weight of the ice, yesterday and today.   I went down on my butt on the ice just now out on the level part of the driveway, taking these "after" pictures.   Earlier today Sandy was letting go of slabs of ice out by the bird feeders, whereupon they slid on down clear across the orchard.   Curlin' for possums--good clean hillbilly fun!