A Day in the life at Windy Ridge

All pictures taken on Tuesday, December 16, 2003.   Someday I'll get a real digital camera; for now it's fun with my $19 hillbilly-cam.   :-)

We got about nine inches of light, dry snow over the weekend.   This is the snowiest December we've had, by far, since I moved back East.   It's not even winter yet, and it's supposed to start snowing again tomorrow and not stop for 5 days.   Yikes!   There's only ~150 gallons of propane left in the tank...

I spent an hour and a half plowing the driveway with my ATV yesterday morning--after plowing it on Sunday.   Nevertheless, Sandy put her 4WD Subaru into the ditch when she tried to leave yesterday.   I dragged it with the ATV, then with Mighty Whitey (our 4WD Tundra pickup), but it took our neighbor George's snow-tired pickup to get it out.

Every day I'm sore all over.   (Still.)   "What does not kill me will make me stronger."

        -Hillbilly Mo

Dawn's early light
A little later
Nigh sunrise

Sun's up

And now with Sandy's Nikon (also taken this morning by Sandy):

A young "spike," or two-point buck out by the bird feeder.   Note his two tiny horns, barely visible.

A dog and her monkey.   State law in WV requires that monkeys going abroad in the woods during hunting season wear at least 400 square inches of dayglow orange; hence the fancy vestments.

Making a canine snow angel.

Action Spaniel.

Mo in the Snow.

And, around 4:40 PM, the sun goes down as Mo snaps shots like a fool