Extraordinary Potomac Reflections

Pictures taken on Tuesday, December 9, 2003.  

I used to see this phenomenon at our old home in Waterford, Virginia, and I was pretty sure I'd never see it again.   But to my amazement here is again: a map of the Potomac River etched in sunlight reflected onto the underside of a cloud layer.  

More unusual still are the reflected crepuscular rays (sunbeams) coming up off the river.   In this image, we see superior crepuscular rays (coming from the sun above) at the same time as we see the inferior, reflected rays.   Very cool!  

Certain of the pictures I took show the trace of the South Branch of the Potomac more clearly; others document more dramatic atmospheric lighting.   I'm sure I'll be able to capture more accurate "maps" in the future, when conditions are right.   "Watch this space." :-)